Clutch Repair

  • Release Bearing
  • Clutch
  • Pressure Plate
  • Slave Cylinder
  • Master Cylinder

Differential and Axle

  • Diagnosis
  • Fluid Service
  • Repair
  • Rebuild

    If you believe there is a problem with the differential in your car or truck, bring it in to MDC Motorsports and let a professionally trained and certified technician perform a complete differential diagnosis to determine what is causing your problem and get the problem fixed.

    When you need automatic transmissionrepair, manual transmission repair, or a transmission rebuild, look to us at  MDC Motorsports. Transmissions are our speciality !

Transmission Services

  • Transmission diagnosis
  • Automatic transmission repair
  • Manual transmission repair
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Clutch repair

    When you need transmission diagnosis, service, repair or rebuild performed on your vehicle, schedule an appointment with MDC Motorsports.